If you want to sell your house for a larger sum, the quality of the property has to be high. This includes the outstanding appearance of the place. Making sure the property truly looks good is the responsibility of the owner. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a property stylist before selling your house.

Creating the First Impression

The first impression that your agent as well as the buyers will get of your house plays a huge role in house selling process. Your house has to look outstanding before the agent organizes the marketing photos. After all, that is how the buyers first see of the house before they visit the house personally. The good appearance of the house will also be a deciding factor when your agent decides the price. Perfectly organized and cleaned property have the ability to appeal to buyers emotionally too. Especially if you decide to publish marketing photos online, this is one trick to get more buyers. The more buyers that are interested, the more competitive the bidding market will be.


Most of the time it is really difficult for the owner of the house to do the cleaning and declutter of the house along with all the other work they have to do when they are planning to sell their house. Instead, make your work easier by getting the help of an agent or an organization who specializes in property styling and staging in Sydney. These professionals are aware what the buyers look for in a house and can give a brand new look to the house, just the way buyers like it to be. If there are other houses in your area that are on sale, they will make sure your house looks outstanding among all the other houses.


A property stylist will do more than making the house look fabulous but they will also make sure that your house looks well maintained before the house is out up for sale. They will see your house from all the angles and remove all the unnecessary items from the property. They will also make sure the house is filled with good furniture, adding a homely look to the place and will carry out cleaning and repairing of the property. Their job is not just to make the outer appearance of the house look grand but also to make sure the house stays in top quality.

Boost the Selling Price

The end goal of styling your house and giving it a makeover is to make sure you get to sell your house at a higher price. Surveys have proven that the probability of styled houses being sold at a higher price is more than the houses that are not styled. The design techniques that your professional property stylist would employ on your house will create a good visual marketing tool which helps you to make your house look attractive and elegant, making it appear like it is well worth a higher selling price. The more number of buyers you can attract and the increased competition in the bidding market too will help to boost the price.

Remember to have all the styling done before your agent prepares the marketing photos. Make sure the photos of the house that you are advertising will capture the house at its best angles or else they will not do justice to all the work done to make your house look fabulous.

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