Have you ever heard of the tradition which is exclusively referred to as the “Great Australian Dream”? This is what it means: “owning a detached house on a fenced block of land”. If you’ve already fulfilled your dream and got yourself a house, then you’re already a member of the prestigious Australian homeowners’ group.  Whilst buying a house in Australia has its own difficulties there seems to be a fall in the market prices enabling buyers to take advantage of the situation, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, where prices are at a soaring high in the former years. However, mortgage or owned, a home is a dream come true and taking care of it is nothing but a delight.

When we tend to build houses, decorate them and select what goes in there and what doesn’t go there, you’re already thinking of a style that you’re hoping to apply to your house. In a long list of styles such as contemporary, classic or rustic there poses a challenge to the buyer in defining these terms and coming into a conclusion of their intended style. Let’s catch up on some basic interior design terms, shall we?

Contemporary Style

The term contemporary often goes together with modern. Well, in a sense it can be used to describe two similar interior styles, but the basic difference is that contemporary style is identified at the most recent or currently trending style.

Modern Style

The modern design term applies to the styles that came in the late 20th century and applies to a house that has simple colour schemes, use of metal, steel and glass and crisp and clean lines. Modern designs depict simplicity in everything, including Furniture.

Minimalist Style

Neutral and light colour schemes, simple and efficient furniture, and with no major effort or excessiveness is the approach to having a minimalistic home. Basically, it’s a simplified version of a modern style.

Mid-Century Modern

This still stands as one of the most iconic styles amidst the many changes that have made its way to the world all these years. This is a throwback style which came into life in the 1950 and the 60’s. Fully functional and simplicity were the key attributes of this style. It focuses on pairings, organic and natural designs and very easy to use detail. And when it comes to indoor and outdoor furniture Melbourne has a few options that will offer something for you such as the famous egg chair which was inspired by mid-century modern designer.


This European inspired style focuses on classic detailing and lavish furniture that has excessive accessories. For example, these homes will be seen with darker wooden finishing and richness of colour and the extensive use of fabrics such as velvets.

Industrial Style

If you’re a fan of an unfinished structure such an exposed wood or brickwork, high ceilings and old timber and metal lighting that hangs, then you’re thinking of adopting an Industrial style inspired theme which can be seen in warehouses or urbanized lofts.

Rustic Style

Another favourite amongst interior designers, the Rustic look focuses on more natural forms of raw and unfinished wood and stone. Focused on more of an outdoor-themed style, wooden beams and wooden floors are a must to complete this style. 

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