Most likely, you are satisfied with the decor or your home. However, there are times when you simply get bored with the current layout of your home and you want to switch things up. You don’t have to do a major renovation or remodel to refresh the look of any area in your home. Here are some quick and easy tricks to transform your bedroom from dull to eye-catching, without breaking the bank.

Focus On the Headboard

Simply creating a stylish headboard is one way to update the look of your bedroom. If your bed has a simple or no headboard at all, add a great headboard on it to make it look special. Check out this modern furniture shops Brisbane for a wide range of stylish beds and other bedroom furnishings. Try ones with decorative headboard to add more impact on your decor. You may also try colours that contrast the wall for a more dramatic effect.

Add Wall Hangings

Wall hangings such as frames, paintings and other artwork are commonly seen in the living room. While it does wonders in beautifying the living room, most homeowners are not aware of its impact when placed on the bedroom. If you have blank spaces on your bedroom walls, hanging your favourite piece of art is the best way to show your personality in your decor. You may also try combining a few pieces for an artistic display wall.

Add a Touch of Metal

Just like in our outfit, a touch of metallic shine serves as an accessory to a room. Add a little bit of shine on your bedroom through mirrors, reflective adornments and metallic surfaces. Gold finishes are popular nowadays but if you want a more relaxed tone, try silver or chrome finishes instead. Be sure to add only just a few pieces because too much shine could make your room a bit overwhelming.

Add a Splash of Colour

Neutral colours look great on bedroom but too much of it without contrast can make an area look dull and uninviting. Make your bedroom look creative and appealing by adding a few splashes of colour into its design. You can do this by painting the walls with bright or lively colours. You may also add colourful items into your decor such as bright coloured throw pillows or sheets. It is best to use 3 colours at most and be sure that the complement each other for a harmonious design.

Freshen Up the Lighting

Sometimes, simply changing the lighting fixture in your bedroom makes a huge difference. If you have a simple light bulb up the ceiling, swap it for more creative and interesting lighting fixtures such as pendant lights, chandelier or even a stylishly-looking bedside lamp. There are plenty of affordable lighting fixtures; you can surely find one that suits your decor and personality.

Transforming a bedroom doesn’t need to be expensive when you try these simple tricks. Just remember that following your personal style is the key to make a bedroom more interesting and appealing.

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