Termites can cause irreparable damage to a property. They are silent pests that can ravage a home’s structure without having any idea of it occurring. It is important to know when to have your home inspected for termites, so that you don’t have to deal with the nasty repercussions of an infestation. A qualified Adelaide building inspections provider will immediately be able to spot the signs of termite damage, so it is best to know when you might require their expertise.

What Are Termites?

Termites are a small insect that burrow into properties and reek havoc without the owner’s knowledge. They receive their nutrients from an organic fibre called cellulose, found in plant matter such as paper, drywall and, of course, wood. It is an unfortunate reality that regardless of a property’s structural type they can still be open to termite infestation. The worst part? They destroy the property from the inside-out, without anyone being the wiser.


How do Termite Inspections Work?

An Adelaide building inspector has the expertise required to identify any termite infestations. They will inspect the interior and exterior of the property, including parts of the home you would never check yourself i.e. the subfloor and roof. Inspections usually take around one hour but can vary depending on the size and structure of the property, as well as the severity of the infestation (if there is one).


Can the Weather Affect Termite Infestation?

People see Australia as a barmy, warm country. Fair enough, but this breezy weather allows termite colonies to thrive. Despite Adelaide temperatures being cooler in winter, it doesn’t mean you won’t require the services of a qualified building inspector to ensure your property is free from termite infestation. In winter, termites simply reduce the pace of their ravaging, ready to come back with a serious summer vengeance.

Although there is no ‘right’ time to receive a building inspection, it is important to have one conducted every 12 months or so, just to ensure that no colonies have seeped their way into your property.

Are Inspections Imperative?

Many Australian homes are under threat from termite infestation. It is never a bad idea to have your property checked for termites as they can infest out of nowhere and destroy the structural damage of your property. Ensure your Adelaide home is free from termite infestation by having a qualified building inspector check the property for this nasty pest at least once a year – you won’t regret it.

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