Construction depends first on one thing- an impeccable project schedule. A project schedule can be your greatest tool in identifying where you need to pick up the slack. As a project manager it’s solely your duty to find out the project’s liabilities that will hinder operations while discovering ways to shorten your schedule and deliver on your promises. Here are some easy ways you can do this.

Establish Scope

The first trick is to establish your scope before the project even starts. That way you’re maximizing your use of time because as your team is being assembled, you can use that non-productive period to create the project scope. This way you don’t waste a single day more than necessary and instead opt for a continual development process.

False Dependencies

Your next step is to eliminate false dependencies. Think of it this way- each task in your project process should have some preceding it or succeeding it. Dependencies are those of which that simply cannot be started unless the task before it has been completed and verified too. Most of the time you’ll find work conducted parallel to each other but when it comes to dependencies you simply have no choice but to give up some time. To eliminate false dependencies, first, thoroughly document all dependencies so you have an idea of your overlap of work. By doing this, you’ll soon find weeks of your time that have been wasted and can be cut down on through agreements, better investments or a better preparedness system. This step can go for any type of industry and can take up a significant portion of your time.

Testing Strategy

In the construction industry, a lot of your time will be spent on testing because of course everything needs to be stable in each phase before you move on. This could be for system testing, user testing, operational dry runs etc. What you need to do is set up a comprehensive testing strategy. Ask yourself if there are any blatant gaps or overlaps that are hindering or slowing down the process. Does each integrated test check an aspect that wasn’t covered before? Is there any aspect being left out? Sometimes you’ll need a third party opinion to make sure you aren’t missing a single thing, which brings us to our next point.

Third Parties

Third party professional expertise can severely shorten your scheduled time. Outsourcing your work to professionals gets your work done faster and leaves your own team to focus on their own strengths. Everyone works at peak performance and you get stable information- it’s a win-win. For example, you’ll need to hire a reputed company to carry out your 3D laser scanning so you have a solid foundation or information to start your work with.

Shave Days

Usually, durations are assigned by rounding off roughly. This means that usually a day or two can be shaved off. So make sure to challenge your employees- see if they can do a two week task in thirteen days instead.

These are the best ways you can go about shortening your schedule!

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