Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time to refresh the look of your home after the long haul of winter. There are some parts of the house that gets neglected during the winter months and now is the perfect time to pay attention to them. Bring back the liveliness of your home with these essential spring chores.

Freshen Up the Windows

One of the most important parts to notice after winter is the window. They take most of winter’s toll – keeping dust and dirt out and shutting off cold winds from the outside. Begin your spring cleaning by washing both sides of your home’s windows to remove built up dirt. Cleaner windows allow lighter to enter your home, making it look brighter and livelier. Don’t forget to change the window treatments from thick and heavy winter draperies to sheer curtains. Check out this beautiful collection of spring curtains Sydney to update your home’s look.

Bring the Blossoms In

Spring is the season when most flowers bloom and display their lovely colours. Add more colour and life to your home by bringing in these beautiful flowers into your home. Potted plants and flowers not only make your home look fresher, it also adds an irresistible fragrance to your house. You may also place flower vases on certain areas of your house to make that spot look livelier.

Check the Roof

Another important part you should check is the roof. See if there are some damages and repair them immediately no matter how minor they are. There might be some rubbish on your roof and now is the perfect time to clear them up. Be sure to replace damaged or missing parts as soon as possible to avoid more expensive repairs later on.

Liven Up the Textiles

Replacing your winter textiles with fresh and bright coloured ones brings spring vibes into your home. Be sure that the colours and patterns are in harmony with each other. You may also set a theme for your textiles to make it easier to mix and match pieces. If you’re not yet ready for an overall change, simply wash the existing textiles to freshen up the look of the fabrics.

Refresh the Lawn

The lawn is one of the first features noticed by people when they pass by your house. Sometimes, the winter season deals a little damage on your lawn that’s why it will need a little care when spring comes. Clear up all the accumulated rubbish such as dead leaves and branches. Trim the shrubs and trees to bring them back in shape. There might be some bare spots in your lawn after winter so be sure to reseed those spots and aerate the lawn to make it livelier.

Once you notice the coming of spring, it’s time to begin preparing your home for the warmer and more colourful season ahead. Try these easy to do spring preparation chores and make your home looking fresh and updated for the season.

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