The biggest question that plagues every homeowner has is one that has lifelong consequences: “How many  bathrooms should the house need?”. But after that question lies another one, less important than the first but important nevertheless: “Paint or wallpaper?”. This is the dilemma that everyone faces at one point in their life. Rooms need an extra oomph but what should they choose between the two? Well I am here to help you so strap on and grab your notebook.

How Cost-Effective Do You Want To Be?

Wallpapers can cost upwards of 50 d and if you need to cover a room you might need at least 2 roles. Paint is not as expensive with a gallon of paint costing about 30 AUD or more. Of course depending on the quality of the prudct6lrices will differ and sometimes paint can end up being more expensive than wallpaper. However if you really are trying to cut down costs you cannot go wrong with some simple paint. If you do the painting yourself you really will only end up paying for the paint and equipment which can all be acquired for less than 50 AUD.

How Unique Do You Want It To Be?

When it comes to wallpapers they tend to be mass-produced and most of the time is machine-made  therefore they tend to not be unique  of course you can customize it but this can come at a cost. Customizable wallpapers are more expensive than regular ones and the ones that are cheap might lack quality. The beauty of paint is that it can be very unique and even tell a story. Paint is, after all, a painter’s greatest tool and if you hire an expert painter in Howard you can get gorgeous and utterly unique paintwork done on your wall. As art is unique to the painter your paintwork will also be very unique. Moreover unlike wallpapers, a mural or wall art is done by paint is intimate and personal. It cannot be replicated and is an artist’s vision, therefore, it truly is a wonderful addition to a home

How Easy To Maintain Should It Be?

Wallpapers unlike paint are much easier to apply and maintain. If it gets damaged you just can remove it and replace it. If you pay for high-quality wallpaper that is stain and damage resistant you can maintain it with even more ease. Of course it will cost more to install it but you should be good to go afterwards. There is however paint available that is stain resistant and can be maintained with ease but it can also be quite pricey. If you want something cheap and easy to maintain then wallpaper is definitely a better option than pain as cheap paint can become stained and dirty quite quickly.

In the end it all comes down to personal choice. Both options are great and have their own benefits and drawbacks so make the choice that fits your needs and simply strikes your fancy.

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