Land properties are one of the greatest investments a person could have especially in today’s very unpredictable economy. People discovered the value of land and estate ownership at almost exactly the same time in history that we discovered our human rights! To make a long story short, the moment the French people moved away from monarchy and state centred religion, they also discovered that in order to make their freedom and their lifestyle better preserved and their paradigm shift in governance and economy effective they must also look into land ownership and divide the land accordingly to the people and give the people liberty to do whatever it is they that wanted to do with it, thus the economy of land and estate ownership was born.

And from it, now we arrive at the present day where land value has been steadily going up and so for people to own land is tantamount to investing on a very steady and tangible means of future profit and capital. But today, not all lands and estates are of equal value and price, some factors might be considered to raise or depreciate the value and price of land. One factor would be the environment around the land. For example if it is too marshy, or near a desert, or is prone to flooding or is near forested areas, but if you have an estate that fits the description there are ways to handle it.

Here are some things you can do to raise prices of deprecated land and estate:


Should you happen to acquire an estate that is basically dilapidated then in most likelihood both the estate and the land would have a lesser value and would be assessed by inspectors to be a property of low price and you would not like that as an owner. As a real property owner and especially if you are in the business of buying and selling estates, you might want to consider renovating the properties that are in your care and name. Renovating those properties might help in raising the value of the property it also means that the capital value of such property would also be raised.


If the property is prone to floods or is situated in a marshy or watery area, you might want to consider waterproofing the whole property; waterproofing services Perth wide and in any other city is available. You can request for waterproof membranes, joint seal, or even external brickwork. Working on the water issues of real estate properties are a huge long term investments for the owner. If the water issue is a major problem in selling the property or raising the value of the property, addressing it early on would salvage the whole property.


Sometimes all it needs is a few artsy touches to bring out the natural beauty of the property, so you will need to have a landscape artist to work on the aesthetics of the property. Landscape artists know how to match the theme of their creation with the natural surroundings of the property and they are also able to bring out the balance and harmony with the aura of the property.

The bottom line is to not let your property depreciate into the point of lowering its own value.

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